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Association Staff

As an association member, your dealership staff is extended by an association staff working full-time for the benefit of your business. Through your association staff, dealers have access to services, information, and expertise that can be very difficult for a dealer to pursue individually, such as government and industry relations, business profiles and trends, group insurance, dealer and employee education, etc. The association staff members listed below are ready to assist you on matters ranging from daily business concerns to long-range operations.

Dan Francis Fargo

Matthew Larsgaard


Matthew is a jack of all trades. He leads the team at the Association by providing overall corporate management, maintaining government and manufacturer relations, developing strategic and long-term plans, and administering the Pioneer Healthcare Trust (to name a few). In his free time, Matthew loves spending time with his wife and daughter, working on home improvement, and driving his tractor.

Dan Francis Fargo

Megan Birner

Director of Operations 

Megan has a “can-do” attitude with everything that comes her way. She currently assists Matthew with the Organization’s daily operations, ensuring that team members are equipped to complete their tasks in an efficient manner.  She also manages and oversees all Pioneer Promo operations.  In her free time, Megan enjoys making memories with her kids, adventuring in the outdoors, and working on her music.

Dan Francis Fargo

Nicole Janzen


Nicole is the office mom. She manages all aspects related to accounting, ensuring best practices are followed while keeping everyone in line. She looks forward to Colorado vacations, spending weekends at her family’s lake cabin, fishing with her husband, and studying. She is most happy while serving others and strives for self-improvement.

Dan Francis Fargo

Carmelle Nelson

Director of Dealer/Public Relations

Carmelle develops and manages the ADAND Annual Conference, provides the members with content-rich communications, and drafts, edits, and distributes The ADAND Online.

Dan Francis Fargo

Sherry Wells

Administrative Assistant

Sherry brings an uplifting excitement to our team. She provides administrative support to the entire team, coordinates membership, and assists with the planning of the Annual Conference. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, serving at her church, going to Bible College, traveling, cooking, running, camping, playing games/sports, and anything outdoors.

Pioneer Promo Staff

Dan Francis Fargo

Wanda Blilie

Manager of Sales Administration

Wanda is one of the foundational team members at Pioneer Promo. She manages the sales administration and provides exceptional customer service to all customers. She works closely with the sales representatives, and keeps well-informed of new and exciting products. In her free time, she spends time with family, attends her grandson’s hockey games, and is also a die-hard Bison fan.

Dan Francis Fargo

Whit Brandvold

Sales Administrator

At 6' 2", everyone in the office looks up to Whit! She provides sales administration by coordinating orders, invoicing customers, managing inventory products, providing customer service, and enhancing Pioneer Promo processes. In her free time, Whit enjoys hanging out with friends and family, working out, cooking and baking, and filling her time with outdoors and sports activities.

Dan Francis Fargo

Nick Cooper

Sales Representative

Nick is the cool guy that lives in Texas. He works for Pioneer Promo part-time taking care of customers outside of our local region. In his free time, Nick enjoys fishing, spending time with his boys, and cheering for the Minnesota Vikings.

Dan Francis Fargo

Cory Engstrom

Territory Sales Representative

Having spent more than 20 years in the branded apparel industry, Cory brings a lot of experience to the table. He spends his time developing and maintaining relationships with the members in his MN/SD Sales Territory, and works to ensure growth in sales. Outside of work, Cory enjoys golfing activities, outdoor adventures, and sporting events with his family.

Dan Francis Fargo

Jon Moore

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jon is an entrepreneur at heart. He manages all things related to the website and company stores. He spends his free time growing his personal business, traveling with his family, and learning new skills. He speaks Spanish fluently and to date has traveled to 10 countries and all 50 states.

Dan Francis Fargo

Keith Nelson

Director of Field Marketing

Keith is the Association Google for dealer history and current happenings. He spends his time developing and maintaining relationships with the members in his North Dakota Sales Territory, and works to ensure growth in sales. Outside of work, Keith enjoys lifting weights, and any outdoor activity, including bicycling and motorcycling.

Nathan Schmidt, Website

Nathan Schmidt

Territory Sales Representative

As the newest member of the Pioneer Promo team, Nathan is eager to develop relationships with the members in his North Dakota Sales Territory, and will work to ensure growth in sales. In his free time, Nathan enjoys spending time outdoors, working out, and investing in his family and church.

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